Crandall Creek Outfitters wounding and ethics policy
When an animal is wounded, we will make every possible attempt to recover that animal. If that animal is not recovered it is up to the outfitter and guide to determine whether or not that animal is fatally wounded or was just nicked or grazed. If the outcome is that it is likely a fatal wounding or an illadvised shot we will spend as much time as it takes to try and recover that animal. The hunter is welcome to stay and try and recover the animal. If the outcome is determined fatal and we are unable to recover the animal. The hunt for that species is over. The hunter will not be allowed to persue another animal on that license.
According to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, In the event that you wound an animal and then harvest another one: If that first animal os later found dead, the hunter will be considered overlimit of that species. Therefore a fine would be administered for overlimit of that species.
At Crandall Creek Outfitters we truly believe in ethical fair chase hunting and strive for clean kills. This can only be achieved by utmost practice and preparation for your hunt. Keeping your head in highely intense situations and walking away or waiting when the shot opportunity is not right. We take great pride in having very few unrecovered woundings in the past several years and ask that our hunters show up prepared and in shape so that we can do our best to keep woundings to a minumim.
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North Absaroka Wilderness of the Shoshone National Forest
Crandall Creek Outfitters is an equal opportunity service provider.
Crandall Creek Outfitters is an authorized permittee of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests.