Big Horn Sheep Hunting

Wyoming is a great place to hunt Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. We guide in sheep areas 1,2,3,4, and 5. We offer hunts from our basecamp in area 1 along with spike camps in all of these great areas. We have been nearly 100% successful for the past 25 years. I feel that we have the best group of Sheep guides in the State. We can accommodate your needs in any of the units 1 through 5. We have been nearly 100 percent successful on all of our sheep hunts for the last 25 years. Our alltime best ram was a 180 inch green gross score B and C Ram taken in are 1 in 2014 by Rod Lindsten. We only take a maximum of 10 Sheep hunters a year and usually 8 or less to assure that we give each client the best opportunity that we can to harvest a true trophy ram. We always leave the last 10 days of the season open so that we can bring back anyone that may not have killed a ram earlier in the season.

Our camp accomodations are second to none. Whether we are in a base camp or spike camp we will make sure you get three square meals. We always have a cook/wrangler in every camp. Each sleeping tent will be complete with cots and foam pads. We will hunt you hard and feed you well. We feel that eating and good rest is very important to you mental and physical success if we get into the later days of a hunt.

Our guides are very good. We hand pick each of them and never turn a rookie loose on their own. Typically we will have a head guide and an assistant on a hunt. Often times we have 2 of our head guides working together on a hunt to ensure we make the most of your days on the hunt. Each of our guides are excellent horseman and great with their optics. We usually are able to judge rams to a very close score. We all carry range finders and are very used to using them. We will leave the final decision up to the hunter as to whether or not they will attempt to harvest the animal. We will always give you the best effort we can to harvest that trophy of a lifetime.

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